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About Us - Young CEOs

We host a high performance executive seminar. We work with high-perfroming individuals and organizations to innovate their full potential.

The Young CEOs Club (Y.C.C) is a gathering of forward driven Young People from all kinds of different backgrounds and Various Industry with a common goal of building businesses and attaining financial freedom.

Our work is built on the premise that anyone who is fulfilled has the highest capacity to achieve greatness - success and significance.

We combine the best in personal growth with elite experience in business development. Our high performance coaching focuses on unlocking, upgrading and expanding the full potential of successful leaders.

We have partners across Africa. Our team in Nigeria and Kenya is the strongest in the scheme. We record the fastest growing group in the scheme.

We hold seminars in each regions, enlightening members more about the scheme. 

Our clients include company owners, directors, business men and women, students, entrepreneurs, apprentice, startup founders and global leaders,  in all sectors.

The clients we serve have already attained “success” by any outside measure. They’ve built empires, earned more money than most people have ever dreamed of, and obtained prestigious positions.